Will Salvidge

Last Import - 24

I have been working as PhD student in the Thompson laboratory since September 2013 and will begin a postdoc to finish these studies in October 2017. My project involves studying the role of chromatin modifications in controlling variable gene expression and in helping cells to make fate decisions.

We have used a genetic approach to study this hypothesis by creating gene deletions in key chromatin modifying enzymes. Through analysis of mutant developmental phenotypes complemented with other sequence based approaches we hope to gain a clearer insight into the role these modifications in controlling variable gene expression.

I studied for a BSc in Biomedical Science at Warwick University between the years of 2008-2011 after which I moved to Manchester to study for an MSc in Cell Biology. Upon graduation I worked as Lab Technician in the Thompson laboratory before being accepted onto a PhD programme in the fall of 2013.