Robert Baines

IMG_20160223_191152In September 2015 I joined the Thompson laboratory to start work as a PhD student. My project is an industrial collaboration part funded by Syngenta and involves evaluating the potential of Dictyostelium discoideum as a model for the study of teratogenic compounds.

We have developed specific Dictyostelium growth and development assays in order to screen known mammalian teratogens in a high-throughput manner. These assays together with REMI mutagenesis screens will allow for the phenotypic and molecular effects of known teratogens to be characterised in Dictyostelium. We hope to conduct the most thorough evaluation of the potential of Dictyostelium as an alternative model in teratogen screening.

I moved to Manchester to study for a BSc in Microbiology at Manchester Metropolitan University between 2010-2013. After which I completed an MRes in Biological Science at the University of Manchester, where I received an award for outstanding achievement. Upon graduation I began my PhD.