Postdoc positions

Research Associate: Understanding gene network heterogeneity in development, – Ref:1670534

UCL Department / Division Division of Biosciences
Specific unit / Sub department Research Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment
Grade 7
Hours Full Time
Salary (inclusive of London allowance) £34,635 – £41,864 per annum

Duties and Responsibilities
During embryonic development, cell fate choice and proportioning are must be robust and
reproducible. This is despite the fact that extensive cell-cell variation is generated by noise and stochasticity, which can cause heterogeneous gene network activity. Therefore to understand how cell fate choice and patterning are achieved during development and regeneration, key questions remain:

(1) How are the gene networks that regulate differentiation affected by noise and stochasticty?
(2) Do differentiating cells all follow the same path towards the differentiated state?

Until recently, however, it has been impossible to follow the behaviour of entire gene networks in individual cells, or to follow their temporal changes in activity in individual cells as they differentiate along different linages. Single cell gene expression analysis, together with novel computational reconstruction of gene network dynamics provides this opportunity. Therefore, in this project you will use powerful new single cell RNA-sequencing approaches to follow changes in gene expression over time in individual differentiating cells.

You will join a multidisciplinary team led by Professor Chris Thompson, who will move to UCL in September 2017. This work builds upon our recent discovery of a novel robust developmental circuitbased on an ultradian cell fate oscillator. The approaches used in the lab include transcriptomics, functional genomics, molecular genetics, live cell imaging, and mathematical modeling.

Key Requirements
Candidates with extensive experience of using either computational genomic approaches (Position 1) or wet lab approaches (Position 2) to understand the molecular basis of gene networks will be considered. You should currently hold or be about to obtain a PhD in Computational, Cell, Molecular or Developmental Biology.

The post funded by the Wellcome Trust and is available for 18 months in the first instance (with possibility of extension).

If you would like to discuss the post please contact Professor Chris Thompson,

For any queries regarding the application process, please contact Biosciences Staffing on and quote the reference 1670534