Balint Stewart

2017-04-27 18.06.07 HDR

I’m interested in understanding how cells detect, respond to, and interact with other cells in cooperation and in conflict both within and between species. My PhD applied a combination of directed evolution and functional genomics approaches to understand the genetics undepinning bacterial prey preferences and fitness trade-offs in growth in the professional phagocyte D. discoideum. Since starting my postdoc in 2015 I have been investigating how Dictyostelium is able to modulate investment in cooperative common goods according to its frequency within the group, and what consequences this has on collective fitness. I’m now interested in elucidating the genetic and molecular mechansims by which Dictyostelium are able to detect quora within mixed cooperative groups and then modulate their behaviour accordingly.

I graduated from the University of Manchester in June 2010 having spent a year on placement at the MRC in the Gambia in 2009, studying the emergence of drug resistance in HIV/Hepatitis B coinfected patients. My final year project looked at the evolution of phenotypic antibiotic tolerance in E. coli with Dr Daniel Rozen.  In my spare time I enjoy travel, cooking and music.




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*these authors contributed equally to this work


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